Plusnet slashes fibre business broadband costs

The Government's BDUK connection Vouchers scheme, which supports small businesses looking to swap their existing broadband services for a fibre-based one, has one additional candidate.

BT-owned Plusnet announced that it is joining the initiative that is essentially subsidised super-fast broadband and will be available for new and existing customers moving away from copper lines or upgrading their fibre services.

The discount, £120, can be spread either on 12-months or two years. For example, Plusnet's Business Fibre would cost £25.50 (instead of £35.50).

Opting for a two-year contract is significantly less attractive with the annual bill is only reduced by £60. Customers would still need to add the compulsory monthly line rental fee which currently stands at £10.50.

The scheme is active in 22 cities across the country and more than 600 registered suppliers have already signed for that. A budget of £40 million has been earmarked for a year, by the Chancellor, starting from April 2015.

The vouchers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Plusnet launched a new wireless router, the Hub Zero, which uses a new Broadcom chipset which improves performance and uses 40% less energy compared to its predecessor.