BBC making six dramas for iPlayer, not TV

Six short films this way come

iPlayer isn't just about catch-up anymore: the BBC is making six short dramas specially for the on-demand service and you won't be able to see them on traditional TV.

The dramas are coming from BBC Three, so we're sure they'll be of a calibre in line with Three's other big hitters (Two Pints of Lager, Snog Marry Avoid? and Freaky Eaters, to name just three).

The six films will be made over the course of two years, and it's all part of the BBC's plan to make iPlayer a streaming service in its own right, as well as a catch-up player.

Play it again, Zai

It echoes moves made by Amazon and Netflix as they look to bolster their own streaming services with original programming, the most exciting of which is arguably Netflix's decision to bring back the much-loved Arrested Development (due to air in May, clear your diaries).

Zai Bennett, the controller of BBC Three, explained, "As a youth channel, BBC Three is at the forefront of new ways to commission and view programmes. This new drama strand is exactly the kind of venture BBC Three is all about."

And if they need some inspiration, they can always turn to the BBC Three Show Generator - Deaf, Naked and Gambling? We'd watch that.


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