New device to hack the Nintendo Wii?

Homebrew code and backup disks could be used soon

A lovely little video has surfaced on YouTube of a device that forces the Nintendo Wii – notoriously difficult to hack – to play backup disks.

Not that we would ever advocate pirated disks, but this could feasibly be used to do just that if someone wanted to negotiate past the DRM on games.

Specially adapted

A GameCube memory card, specially adapted for the purpose, can be plugged into the port before boot-up, and forces the console into recovery mode, which means it will play anything you throw at it.

Obviously this means you can play games you've created yourself, or backups of games you might have lost...

There is some debate over whether this works on all Wiis, or whether it's just for certain bricked consoles, but at least the community is always out there trying!


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