Usual suspects line Xbox One's 'first wave' of third-party apps

This is only the start

It is T-minus not-soon-enough for the Xbox One and PS4's release dates, and as the anticipation builds so does the info coming out for these next-gen consoles.

The PS4 spilled its launch day app lineup on November 7, and today Microsoft is out with what it's calling the first wave of third-party TV and entertainment apps headed to the Xbox One. The list varies by region, and the apps Microsoft detailed are due in the One's 13 launch markets between November 22 and spring 2014.

The US' list is the by far the longest and includes a "coming soon" HBO Go alongside Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, Netflix and Twitch. Xbox One owners in the UK will see 13 apps to start while Australia will welcome five.

Microsoft promised to "continue to announce more apps" headed to both Xbox One and said both it and the Xbox 360's entertainment app platforms will "continue to grow weekly."

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