EA releases game soundtracks on iTunes

UK access expected very soon

Electronic Arts (EA), which is the biggest video game publisher on the planet, began selling music from its games on iTunes yesterday. The games industry is already worth more than the movie and the music industries combined, and is still finding new ways to drive up its revenue.

In an email sent out to journalists, EA said that the music from its games will be available on Apple's US iTunes download store on a track-by-track basis. Prices will start out at 99 cents. EA has set up a website which lists all the game music currently available on the iTunes store.

This could be an important source of income for games publishers. New games for next generation consoles are so advanced that the cost of developing them is becoming ever more expensive.

There have even been warnings that games in the future will be unable to make a profit because of the massive costs involved in making realistic graphics and in-depth gameplay.

The game music is not currently available in the UK iTunes store but it is expected that the soundtracks will be obtainable at some point in the near future.


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