Kinect-enabled adverts coming to your Xbox this year

NUads mean motion in the advertising ocean

Microsoft has announced that adverts that make use of Kinect gesturing will be coming to Xbox Live this autumn/fall.

Already signed up to get their target markets flailing around in front of their marketing messages are Toyota, Unilever and Samsung Mobile USA.

These so-called NUads "reinvent" television advertising, according to Microsoft although it would say that.

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Based on the video Microsoft released to explain the new adverts (below), it looks as though you get to choose your own marketing adventure using the motion or voice control as well as providing the brand with a whole bunch of interesting statistics that it can use next time it wants to sell you some stuff.

That's not hugely different to some online video ads, but this time it's on your TV.

No word on whether or not the autumn roll out applies to the UK as well as the US yet, but we've asked the question. We're sure you'll be on the edge of your seat barely daring to breathe as you await the answer.

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