AT&T reportedly ditching Xbox 360 service at the end of the year

The launch of Xbox One in November is being coupled with another Xbox 360 service going dark, and this time it's affecting AT&T U-verse customers.

U-verse cable subscribers who have been using Microsoft's gaming system as a DVR set-top box will have to make new plans at the end of the year.

"We will be discontinuing Xbox 360 as a supported U-verse receiver after December 31, 2013," read a notice sent to affected AT&T customers.

AT&T U-verse has been piping its TV channels through Xbox 360 systems since October 2010, according to Multichannel.

It charged $99 for the kit and a $55 installation fee on top of the required subscriptions for U-verse TV and U-verse high-speed internet. Xbox Live was also mandatory.

Refund in order

Among the bills that these AT&T U-verse subscribers have had to endure included Microsoft's pesky $60 Xbox Live Gold fee.

The good news is that AT&T is issuing a credit to subscribers just in case they renewed Xbox Live Gold recently, expecting the service to continue.

The even better news is that the credit will be for $99 instead of the $60 the company said it had initially planned on giving customers.

"We will now be issuing a $99 bill credit, which includes the $60, on your U-verse bill within one to two billing cycles," wrote AT&T.

AT&T suggests ordering an additional U-verse receiver to replace its Xbox 360 set-top service, which will probably be of the Motorola variety.

We've contacted the company for further details and will update the story once we hear back.

Via Engadget