Download of the day: FileZilla

When you’ve got files to shift, and need to shift them fast

DropBox, iCloud Drive and other file storage services have their joys, but they’re a pale imitation of what FTP clients like FileZilla can do.

File Transfer Protocol has been around forever, and it’s used for everything from uploading entire websites to shifting crucial data around at very high speeds. 

Why you need it

The most common need for FTP software is in web publishing, as it enables you to upload even the most gigantic website with the minimum of fuss. But it’s also very good for chucking big files around local networks or wide area networks, and for secure file transfer between multiple locations. It may be a relatively old internet technology, but it’s also a blazingly fast one because it’s ultra-focused on speed.

Whatever your requirements, FileZilla can almost certainly meet them. It’s available as an FTP server as well as an FTP client, so it can manage file transfers from other PCs as well as download and upload files itself.

Its feature list includes pausing and resuming huge downloads, secure transfer, bookmarking and remote file editing. It’s cross platform too, with versions for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more.

Download here: FileZilla



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