Pics of the UK's first iPad microSIM unveiled

Vodafone's new SIM card unveiled – it's very different

We know that you've been reading all the coverage of the Apple iPad today here on TechRadar and just wishing that there was more of it – perhaps covering a slightly different angle.

Not content with bringing you news from Apple, O2, Orange and Vodafone, we've now got a very exciting exclusive – the first gallery of images showing Vodafone's microSIM card!

Yes, we're excited too – these are ACTUAL pictures of something that looks like a normal SIM card, but it's not.

Vodafone ipad

The excitement never stops

As you can see, it's a) smaller, and b) a COMPLETELY different colour scheme, showing that... well, not really showing anything actually.

Vodafone ipad

Basically, it's a picture of a microSIM with Vodafone branding on there – we've already published our tutorial on how to create your own microSIM card if you want to ruin a perfectly good SIM.

The good thing is that if these microSIMs are knocking around then Apple hopefully won't be delaying the UK release date too much – we don't want it to get in the way of the iPhone HD now, do we?



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