BD-Live phone application premiered

Blu-ray technology takes over the mobile phone

Two companies in America have previewed a new application that allows users to interact with their BD-live Blu-ray players through their mobile phones.

BD-Live, or Profile 2.0 as it is more commonly known, allows users to download web content via their BD machine.

The companies in question, RCDb and Nortel, have come up with something called a Video Bulletin Board, where mobile users can upload images and videos to their Profile 2.0-enabled mates.

Once someone receives an image through their BD player, they then have the option of a click-to-call, where they can call the person who has sent the pic.

The technology was previewed at this year's TelcoTV show in Anaheim, California.

Video solutions

Speaking about the Video Bulletin Board, Sameer Sheth, General Manager, Video Solutions, Nortel said: "Nortel's video solutions can take service providers beyond bundling of services to true convergence of entertainment and interactive applications.

"Nortel allows service providers to create a more personalised and convenient user experience for their subscribers where any device can be used for a multitude of functions.

"For example, a TV, computer or mobile phone can be used to watch video on demand from a single account. A TV can be used to order a pizza, buy tickets to an event or share photos with friends."


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