Teufel signs up Raumfeld for streaming products

When brands collide

German audio company Teufel has bought Raumfeld GmbH – and will begin to sell streaming products under its banner.

Raumfeld has established itself as a streaming product specialist, and Teufel is keen to leverage the brand.

Thorsten Reuber, Executive Director of Teufel, explains the company's motivation: "The demands of the market have changed drastically in recent years.

"Digital audio formats are becoming increasingly popular amongst customers, creating entirely new listening habits, which Raumfeld has engaged impressively.

"In turn, this has affected the consumer electronics market. It is our intention to work with Raumfeld's technological know-how to set new standards by combining the advantages of digital audio formats and network technologies with the reputed quality of Teufel's sound systems."

Spirit of innovation

The Raumfeld team joined up with their Teufel colleagues in November and have apparently "brought their expertise and innovative spirit to Teufel's development and product design departments."

Which will presumably come as a bit of a blow to Teufel's development and product design departments who probably felt they had expertise and innovative spirit of their own.


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