Sennheiser earbuds: look, no wires!

Perfect for pretending you're a secret agent

Sennheiser has come out with the ultimate in gadgets you can lose: the wireless MX W1 ear buds.

Using Kleer digital wireless technology, these little sound-blasters provide high quality audio for your portable devices, with a small matchbox-sized transmitter.

The buds sit on a little dock, which houses a battery for charging 'on the go', up to three times on one full charge, which lasts between 10-12 hours.

Crystal Kleer

Kleer wireless technology allows the music to be sent wirelessly without the compression necessary for some other wireless systems and, according to Sennheiser, is not be subject to interference from other sources, which is always a plus.

Using the weird little satellite widget the audio company call a 'twist to fit' system, the MX W1 buds can be easily fitted to your ear with 'minimal ear fatigue', whatever that is.

However, here's the kicker. They cost just a penny under £300, so you'd have to be REALLY angry at the wires on your iPhone to want to shell out for these babies, which are available from September this year.


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