Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated

Best circular polarizer filter: 05 Tiffen Digital HT

Best circular polarizer filter 05 Tiffen Digital HT

Price: £132 (58mm) £199 (77mm)
Tiffen is an award-winning filter designer with 70 years of experience. This Tiffen circular polarizer is a digital High-Transmission (HT) double-sided titanium multi-coated filter designed for serious amateurs and professional photographers.

Tiffen's HT filters, apparently, even surpass military specifications for hardness and durability. So they're definitely scratch resistant then!

For your money you're assured of the purest optical glass and Tiffen's Academy-Award-winning colorCore technology.

You also get a low profile titanium finish ring and anti-reflective black lock ring. All this technology is there to help you get better results, and we found image results were crisp and colorful, with no noticeable color casts.

We were intrigued to see what sort of polarizer you get for this sort of price - as we'd normally only spend this amount on a new lens!

Although it didn't look that different, you can tell this Tiffen Digital HT circular polarizer is well made by the little details - such as it being the easiest to screw into to our lenses from the bunch, and the outer ring feeling smooth when adjusting amount of the polarizing effect we were looking for.

In our shots, colors and contrast were more pronounced.


Pros: High-tech; incredible build quality and attention to detail; correspondingly superb results
Cons: Extremely expensive; simply more than most amateurs will need

Score: 80%

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