Best circular polarizer filter: 5 top models tested and rated

Best circular polarizer filter: 04 B+W Digital MRC F-PRO

Best circular polarizer filter 04 B W Digital MRC F PRO

Price: £91 (58mm) £140 (77mm)
This B+W Digital MRC polarizer is made in Germany by Schneider Optics using very high-quality Schott glass.

B+W polarizers feature a neutral grey color and plane parallel polarizer material that aims to help metering for more accurate exposures, guaranteeing optimal image results.

It has a solid brass ring, and is available from 43mm to 82mm thread sizes. The MRC (Multi-Resistant Coating) is an extra multiple-layer coating that's harder than glass and protects filters from scratches (such as when cleaning), and it's also water and dirt repellent.

This is a top-quality filter and we found polarizing effects were both neutral and distinct.

This pricey B+W polarizer also looks and feels like a precisely engineered bit of kit. It screwed on neatly; although because it's a thin filter, the narrow inner ring was a little tough to unscrew afterwards.

Initially we felt the effects were too subtle, but on closer inspection - and when viewing images on a big monitor at home - image results were nicely vibrant and contrasty, and lifted edge detail from the little church we were photographing, without it appearing overcooked.


Pros: Fantastic build quality; scratch resistant; distinctive, subtle yet vibrant image results
Cons: Price likely to deter many: another inner ring that's tough to unscrew

Score: 86%

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