How to stop auto-play videos on Facebook

No, I don't want to see your video

The last thing you want when scrolling through your timeline is a video you have no interest in starting to play. It makes the page slower to load, and if you're on mobile it can gobble up valuable data.

Luckily you can easily turn off auto-play videos - here's how.

On the website

Facebook auto play videos

The magic setting

Head to Settings (drop down menu in top right) > Videos (in the left column) > Auto-play Videos, and just use the drop down box to turn them off.

This only turns them off when viewing Facebook in a web browser - if you're an app user there's a different way to go.

On the app

Facebook auto play videos

This is what you need

When browsing Facebook on your mobile device you'll be even more concerned about videos auto-playing, as they'll eat into your precious data allowance.

Head to App Settings - located towards the bottom of the menu list - and then hit "videos play automatically".

From here you can select 'on', 'Wi-Fi only' or 'off.' We recommend you hit 'off', but if you're not too bothered about watching the videos, but want to keep an eye on data then 'Wi-Fi only' will suffice.


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