Facebook tries out yet another profile redesign

Almost as thrilling as a CES product launch

Facebook tries out yet another profile redesign

Facebook has begun rolling out a new Timeline layout which groups all your friends' public communiques on one side of the wall while other bits and pieces are locked to the other.

This makes the whole thing look a bit less 'timeline-y' but does mean a cleaner, easier to read layout without any danger of you missing anything on your own wall. Sorry, timeline. Thing. Whatever.

Wait a minute, you're thinking. This isn't a CES 2013 story! And you're right - we're as surprised to be writing it as you are to be reading it.

Facebook timeline redesign
Image credit: The Next Web

Still, you can't get your hands on this new Facebook layout at the moment (unless you're in New Zealand) so it's got that in common with the majority of products announced at the Las Vegas techjaculation.

Speaking to The Next Web, a Facebook spokesperson explained that the company has "no other details to share right now" so whether this is a case of New Zealand getting a little trial that might go nowhere, or the shape of Facebook to come remains to be seen.

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