Nokia C5-03 review: Comparison

Apart from touchscreen and Wi-Fi capabilities, things don't seem to have moved on greatly for the Nokia C5-03. The original version of this handset also came preloaded with Facebook and Ovi Maps, and indeed the third edition of the very same OS, though there are small additions here and there which lift the overall experience.

Price-point-wise, the first Nokia C5 sold for approximately the same amount SIM-free ( around £190), so this time around you do actually get a little more smartness for your hard-earned pound, but as previously mentioned, the Nokia C5-03 still doesn't compare to similarly priced phones.

Even stacked up against other Nokia handsets, the Nokia C5-03 doesn't fare well. The Nokia N8 has better all-round specs, and despite being on the heavier side, it's the price you apparently pay for a better OS, better UI and (for a little more money) you get a smarter experience indeed.

Nokia n8

If you're not bothered about stepping across to another platform and simply want a better handset at a similar price point, you're probably better off reaching for the HTC Wildfire with your grubby paws. It's a smaller screen at 3.2 inches, but it's capacitative, and you can sync to Facebook to your little integrated heart's content.

Nokia c5-03

That said, we also now know the HTC Wildfire S is coming, with an improved screen resolution and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), which may be worth holding out for.

HTC wildfire s