New Nexus 7 review

Supercharged with Android 4.4, the Nexus 7 is now an even better tablet

New Nexus 7 review
New Nexus 7 review

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I really like the Nexus 7. I really, really like the Nexus 7. Google has taken what made the original such a belter, corrected almost every niggle with it, bumped the price up ever so slightly (but kept it within the region where you can excuse niggles with a "well, it is cheap") yet also made the Nexus 7 feel so much more premium.

The mini-tablet market is fiercely competitive now and Google has got this to market quickly and effectively, sealing its position in the public's mind before competitors can get a foot in the door.

We liked

The screen is to die for and the form factor, while taking some getting used to, is ideal for media consumption. It's light, it's bright, it's fun and it's thin.

The battery life is really impressive, and the sheer diversity on offer, be it through the uprated CPU, screen, or GPU, mean that I struggled to put it down at times.

Using it, it whizzes along quickly and makes you feel like you're using something that should have cost so much more. What's not to like?

We disliked

Well, a few things actually. Perfection is still a way away. Out of the box, users have noticed issues with the GPS and also some have occasional issues with multi touch.

It seems to be down to the individual, but there are enough complaints to stop this from being an unalloyed success for Google, with some presses not registering properly.

A software upgrade has already rolled out to fix these issues, but that's not something you should be writing about a top-end tablet.


If you're looking for a 7-inch tablet, I'll put it like this: there is no better alternative on the market, right now.

And be aware of that qualification, because markets change very quickly. The Nexus 7 wipes the floor with the competition but Google could have worked at 100% rather than 97% to make the Nexus 7 the one to beat.

For original Nexus 7 owners, it may not be worth an upgrade, but for new tablet buyers, you can't knock that value for money, and this is going to be a massive seller in the run-up to the holiday season.

If you're a Google fan, snap one up right away. But if you're on the fence, I definitely recommend checking out the iPad mini 2 with Retina display or the new Kindle Fire HD - though they don't represent anywhere near as much value for money.

First reviewed: 22 August 2013