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BlackBerry texting gadget not so Awethumb

It's a totally Awethumb invention, man!
It's a totally Awethumb invention, man!

Feel that pricking in your thumbs? Something wicked this way comes - and it's called carpal tunnel syndrome, early onset arthritis or repetitive strain injury.

Heavy texters, emailers and gamers are well aware of the dangers posed by today's tiny thumbboards, numberpads and mini-Qwerty keyboards, but up until now they've foolishly placed their confidence in Western medical science.

Now there is a totally Awethumb alternative! These two tiny pieces of plastic fit over your fully opposable digits and promise to "reduce stress on fingers and hands" and "increase accuracy and speed".

Zero thumb game

Don't worry if sucking or picking has reduced or enlarged your thumb, as the Awethumb comes with both small and large inserts, together with a nasty-looking microfibre cloth pouch for cleaning.

The Awethumb proudly claims to work on BlackBerry, phone, PDA and portable games system, with the obvious exception of the iPhone (or any other gadget using a capacitative touchscreen).

Not convinced? Then surely the Awethumb's shockingly innovative 'easy slide on/slide off' design will seal the deal.

Yes, it's ridiculous but as a comedy gift for a CrackBerry-addicted colleague, $11.50 (£7.70) is pretty reasonable.