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JVC calls time on standalone VCRs


JVC has called time on its production of standalone video recorders – putting another nail into the coffin of the VCR.

JVC, or Victor Company of Japan to give it its full name, was one of the last major manufacturers to produce standalone VCRs rather than DVD combo boxes, but it will now switch its attention to the latter.

The company played a lead role in developing the VHS format - which overhauled rival Betamax to become the format of choice – producing the first recorders in 1977.

The VCR has slid slowly out of popular usage since the DVD became more prevalent, but it is perhaps the rise of hard drive recorders like Sky+ that have finally sounded the death knell for video tapes.

End of days

Although recordable DVDs had begun to make inroads, PVRs have made it far simpler for people to record their favourite programmes.

Indeed, the newer technology has made one touch series recording a possibility – something that has left VCRs far behind.

There is still at least one major manufacturer making VCRs – with Korea's LG selling to the Australian market, but it's becoming increasingly more difficult to pretend that the VCR is still around.