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Catch-up in demand, accounts for a fifth of UK viewing

Couch potato nation: A quarter of adults now watch more TV than 5 years ago
Fun fact: this photo was staged

A new study commissioned by YouView has shown that on-demand TV now accounts for a fifth of British TV viewing.

Among the 2,000 people asked, it was found that the average Brit consumes around six hours of on-demand TV each week from platforms such as BBC iPlayer

Each household records about ten programmes a week, however on average four go deleted unwatched. Poor effort, guys.

On top of that, the results showed that an average home hosts four devices for TV watching, double the amount of that four years ago.

TV mania

Almost three fifths of those questioned said they use their computer to watch TV, while a quarter view on a tablet. The iPad and iPad mini were the favourite tablet at 19 per cent vs 6 per cent for Android models.

The rise in TV viewing is mainly down to an increase in the number of devices that can access TV as well as a general increase in viewership, with a quarter of all adults now watching more television than five years ago.