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Twitter mobile apps now let you tag people in pics, share multiple photos

Tag, you're it

Twitter's mobile photo prowess just grew 10-fold, then by another 4-fold.

Now users can tag up to 10 people in a photo without affecting the character count of their tweet. You can add @'s all you want and still have your 140 characters.

If you're tagged in someone's picture, you'll receive a notification, similar to how Twitter sends alerts when people you follow are talking about a TV show or have followed the same person.

You can adjust the kinds of notifications you receive and manage who can tag you by diving into Settings. Twitter has also added some pertinent info to is "Posting photos on Twitter" support page.

Swing over to the App Store and Google Play to tag up on Twitter.

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In addition to photo tagging, Twitter will now let mobile users share up to four photos in a single tweet.

Instead of a side-by-side photo layout, your pic quartet will automatically form a collage. To view a single full image, users can tap preview to see the photo and swipe to see the next.

iPhone users will see multiple photo uploads start rolling out today, and those on Android and are due for the feature soon. Users can view tweets with more than one pic on any of these platforms.

Photo tagging and tweets packed with multiple pics will also be viewable in embedded tweets.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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