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Olympus unveils retro 'film' SD cards

Olympus memory cards
Olympus has unveiled new "retro inspired" memory cards

Olympus has launched a new range of SDHC cards to complement the new Olympus OM-D.

The cards, which have been designed for use by those who miss the "authenticity" of using film, will be available in either black and white or colour variations.

Anybody purchasing the black and white variation will be limited to shooting in monochrome.

Initially the cards will be available in 4, 8 and 16GB variants and will be supplied in traditional 35mm film canisters to tie in with the retro feel.


Olympus has also included a special pad inside the canisters which not only holds the card in place, but also gives the cards a unique "film" smell thanks to a special "secret formulae".

Speaking to TechRadar, Olympus UK marketing manager, Mark Thackara said, "Given the versatility and range of options that are packed onto the OM-D, we thought it would be nice to go back to basics and give people the limitations that we used to have in the old days.

"By using one of our special cards, coupled with the retro appeal of the OM-D, you begin to get a feel for what it must have been like shooting with the original analogue OM, and that's no bad thing."

Olympus memory cards

The cards will also be capable of working with other branded cameras.

Official UK prices for the new memory cards have yet to be confirmed, but it is known that the black and white card will be slightly cheaper than the colour version. Sales will start from May 1st.