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RIM's hybrid BlackBerry 'on course'

RIM looking to update its Pearl range
RIM looking to update its Pearl range

The rumours of a RIM BlackBerry with both a hybrid and touchscreen have gained greater weight thanks to a new analyst note.

Chris Umiastowski from TD Newcrest has written that the new device would have the BlackBerry Storm-like clickable screen as well as a physical keyboard, which would be an odd experience.

The Storm uses a click screen to simulate a key press, so if there are physical keys, it would be strange to bother with the complex and expensive tech.

Catching Google

Umiastowski also noted that the WebKit browser RIM is working, after buying out developer Torch, is progressing well, enabling it to bridge the gap to the iPhone or the Android range.

Another new BlackBerry, the 3G Pearl 9100, will once again feature the new optical trackpad, making it easier to navigate through the phone.

We're still waiting for official confirmation of a hybrid device from RIM, although it has improved its touchscreen range with the launch of the Storm 2.

Via Reuters