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Yahoo Mobile relaunches with powerful tools

Yahoo's latest mobile software suite is feature packed

Ahead of the Apple iPhone and any potential Google phone , Yahoo has made large strides in the mobile-phone arena by announcing today that its Yahoo Go for Mobile suite of phone software has been radically revamped.

The 2.0 version of Yahoo Go for Mobile has been in beta in the US, but will appear as a final version there this week. At the same time, the beta version has been localised and will be made available in more than a dozen other countries, including the UK, for the first time.

Flickr included

As for substantive improvements to the free package, Yahoo has better integrated its wide range of PC-based applications into the mobile platform. These include email, maps, instant messaging, news services and the 'killer-app' that is Flickr mobile.

Additionally, the new software will come pre-installed on dozens of new phones from Nokia, Samsung, RIM and others, saving owners from downloading the package. UK readers can check the compatibility of their phones and sign up now by PC at the Yahoo US site .