5 ways LG can conquer the smartphone world

It's not easy, but a company with the resources of LG needs to start thinking bigger. It's clear that getting the new version of Android to its handsets isn't a priority right now, but with Google's new policy of showing off new platforms to manufacturers first there's no reason LG can't be far more up front about how and when it's making changes to software.

4. Find a niche

The modern smartphone can do it all: camera, mp3, sat nav, video, payment… and there's no way a brand can be a one trick pony in these areas.

But LG is currently a smaller horse that has no party pleasers… it doesn't lead in camera (Nokia), audio (arguably HTC) or media playback (Samsung wins there with Apple a close second).

Instead, LG touts its 13MP camera, as if consumers are still wowed by such numbers.

It's a hard task, but if LG can continue with its strong foundation in the smartphone game but be the leader in a certain field (for instance in chassis design; a company that produces TVs with such beautiful edge to edge displays could surely make a phone that looks the same) then at least a consumer will recognise something strong about a brand when browsing their local phone emporium.

5. Keep the price, but do it faster

One thing LG DOES do well is make its phones goshdarn cheap – they're often selling top end hardware at mid-range prices… the Optimus 4X HD is a great example.

That should not change, as price is always going to be a real winner, especially when someone wants any old smartphone and picks up the one that won't cost and iArm and an iLeg.

But the fact the Optimus 4X was announced many moons before the Samsung Galaxy S3 but launched weeks after gave it no chance really. Consumers want hype, then belief in a product, then to own it. Don't let them forget about your super phone or there's no point in making it at all… which is all the more frustrating when it's actually decent.

But while the above would be very exciting to see, dropping shells into the smartphone waters, we're not sure that LG is going to heed any time soon.

It's nothing systematically wrong within the company, but having spent a few days talking to the camera guys, speaking in-depth about the design evolution of its smartphones and watched the things actually get put together (which is awesome, by the way) it would take a lot to see the necessary reboot for smartphone success.

Everyone we spoke to talked earnestly about the power, the features and the belief in LG's smartphone heritage… and while in a vacuum the phones stack up against the competition, if the consumer doesn't have the same excitement about it then there's no chance of generating the same volume of global sales.

It may be true that in South Korea LG phones are strong, that consumers like the design evolution and want the latest, most cutting-edge features, but to get true global domination LG needs to sit back and stop telling consumers what's so great about its smartphones, and start giving them reasons to find out for themselves.