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New Xbox bundles and accessories are coming to Gamescom next month

Xbox is headed to Cologne, Germany for next month's Gamescom gathering, and it will reveal all-new bundles and accessories at the show, according to a blog post by Microsoft's Major Nelson. 

An earlier version of the blog post noted there would be "all-new Xbox hardware" shown during a special episode of Inside Xbox, however the blog has since been edited to read "new Xbox One bundles and accessories," with no mention of new hardware. 

So, now we know for sure that it's unlikely the Xbox Two will be revealed, considering Microsoft redacted its "all-new Xbox hardware" line. 

Instead, we should expect new Xbox bundles featuring games, consoles and controllers, hopefully at attractive prices. 

Plus, we'll see brand-new accessories, which could include the rumored new Xbox Elite 2 controller. The upgraded controller, first spotted in leaks in January, could have rubberized grips on the front, new indicator lights, USB-C, Bluetooth connection, adjustable tension in the thumbsticks, and a charging port similar to those found on Apple MacBooks. 

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest from the August edition of Inside Xbox, plus all the other gaming news from Gamescom 2018.