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Computex 2007: Intel developing world laptop

Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO, shows off the Classmate PC at last autumn's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco

Intel has introduced a low-cost laptop for developing countries, it announced at Computex. The announcement was made by Sean Maloney, head of Intel's sales and marketing in his keynote at the event.

Maloney said that Intel and Asus are working together to offer a family of education focused, low-cost mobile PCs. One model will be targeted at a price point below $200 (£100). Asus' mobile PCs will, says Intel, play a key role in the corporation's World Ahead programme. The programme "aims to accelerate access to fully featured computers and technology for anyone, anywhere around the world."

Asus plans to ship the laptops by the end of the summer, with an ambitious target sale of 200,000 this year.

As we previously reported, Intel has come under fire during recent weeks for its low-cost laptop initiatives from another group, the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC). The OLPC organisation has so far produced an $180 laptop made of green and white plastic - even though the foundation has a target price point of $100.

The new laptop is part of Intel's Classmates initiative, aimed at getting laptops to developing countries.