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Sky customers receiving 'thousands of old emails' following switch to Yahoo

Sky customers receiving 'thousands of old emails' following switch to Yahoo
Deleted emails resurrected

Sky Broadband customers using the company's email service have been besieged by thousands of old emails following the recent provider switch.

Sky has started to use Yahoo Mail to power its email service, replacing Google, and the migration process has been far from smooth.

Users have taken to Sky's support forums in rather large numbers to complain about the issue, which has caused deleted messages to show up in the inbox over and over again.

Sky had promised a solution to the problem, which caused some users to spend hours cleaning out their inboxes, by 5pm on Friday evening, but missed that deadline.

Sky extremely sorry

Sky apologised for the situation claiming: "It has has taken much, much longer than we anticipated and for that we are extremley sorry."

In lieu of any real fix, the ISP offered a "step-by-step" guide to fixing the problem, which consisted of signing into their account at and manually deleting all of the unwanted emails.

Sky said the issue resulted from the migration process to Yahoo's servers. It promises the issue will be fixed once the servers are synchronised.

At the time of writing there has been no further indication of when that process might be completed.