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Firefox 8 now available in beta

Firefox 8 now available in beta
Firefox 8 now available in beta

Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox Beta 8, insisting that the latest version of its browser will make 'browsing more convenient'.

Mozilla's browser is now facing huge competition from Google Chrome, after years of fighting against Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

And the latest version of Firefox will be a key release in terms of keeping hold of its audience share and competing with its rivals.

Secure and innovative

The beta "adds features and user interface elements that make browsing easier and tools that help developers build more secure and innovative Web experiences," according to Mozilla.

That includes Twitter's arrival as a default search option, restoring tabs on demand – which allows users to opt only to refresh tabs when they are selected – and animated tab movement.

Also on the update list is enhanced control of add-ons, WebSockets updates, HTML5 native right click menu and the integration of HTML5 media elements.

You can download the beta version from