Google wants to help make Firefox faster

(Image credit: Mozilla)

Google has announced it is bringing one of its most importan web testing tools to Mozilla Firefox.

Lighthouse, an open source automation tool that helps in testing website or web app page load speeds, performance and user experience is available to download for Firefox users now.

Frst announced in 2016 for Chrome browser, Lighthouse uses Google’s PageSpeed API to test the performance of any web page, and already has over 470,000 downloads on the Chrome web store.


A regular report generated using the extension comes with real-time data from Google’s User Experience Report and lab data from Lighthouse. 

Users are able to benefit from data concerning areas such as page load speeds, performance issues and suggestions on how to improve page performance as well as best practices and SEO tweaks.

Lighthouse audit reports also highlight the areas of improvements for websites making extremely popular among web developers. Scores are divided into various categories like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO and Progressive Web App. Detailed information regarding opportunities and diagnostics which are available under each relevant heading, giving precise information about the issues which have resulted in a low score.

Since Lighthouse uses Chrome devtools protocol, it converts all the calls into the Firefox devtools protocol to run the web page audit. 

Via: Techdows

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