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Clegg: Web snooping bill 'won't happen while Lib Dems are in government'

Clegg: Web snooping bill 'won't happen while Lib Dems are in government'
Your data is safe! Ish! Not really.

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats and deputy Prime Minister of the UK took to a London radio station to emphatically state that the Tory-led Data Communications Bill would not come to pass while the Lib Dems have a box room at Number 10.

The Data Communications Bill, also known as the 'snooping bill' seeks to force ISPs to store data about every British citizen's online activity for up to a year, so that police and HMRC can access it if wrong-doing is suspected.

"The 'snoopers charter' isn't going to happen," he said on LBC this morning. "The idea that there would be a record kept of all your online activity. It won't happen while Lib Dems are in government."

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"Of course we need to support the police; they have significant powers already which I support them in using," he added.

"The idea of a 'snoopers charter' - I think it isn't workable or proportionate. It isn't going to happen."

The first draft of the bill was already roundly rejected by the Lib Dems, Labour and various privacy bodies for infringing on citizens' privacy rights, but the Conservative government is still keen to push a revised draft through parliament.

He talks a good talk, but whether Nick Clegg can walk the walk in the face of fierce Tory opposition is another matter.