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Sky offering free Wi-Fi booster for those hard-to-reach rooms

Sky offering free Wi-Fi booster for those hard-to-reach places
Surfing around the house simplified for Sky users

Sky is hoping to eliminate those annoying Wi-Fi black spots for its home broadband customers, by offering them a free Wireless Booster device to improve signal around the domicile.

With most folks housing their Wi-Fi router in the bedroom or office, some internet users often contend with a part of the house where connectivity is limited or non-existent.

Sky says the free Booster device, which can be had by new and existing customers between December 26 and January 30th will cure those broadband blues and improve the signal by 100 per cent.

The device is designed to work with Sky's own routers but can also be hooked up to any modem with 802.11b/g/n technology, which is practically all of them these days.

Bedroom boost

Set-up isn't completely seamless though. Users will need to run an ethernet cable between the existing modem and the booster or, as Recombu suggests, they could use a Powerline solution.

Once connected, the device should bring enough added connectivity to allow users to enjoy streaming movies in the bedroom, or playing a few online-based games while in the lav'.

We hope it's the former rather than the latter, but we're not judging here.