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Google Assistant can now help kids with potty training, eating vegetables and sleep

Google has launched new experiences for its voice-enabled Assistant, with a focus on family-friendly entertainment.

The search giant has teamed up with a number of companies in the UK to bring four new apps to its smart voice assistant, including games, learning experiences and stories.

These apps are built, in part, to showcase to developers the kinds of experiences they can build for the platform, and the hope is more of these family-orientated features will arrive soon.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The four partners who have worked on apps for Assistant are British Council’s Learning Time With Timmy, Moshi Twilight, Little Baby Bum and HarperCollins Children’s Books StoryCastle.

"Little Baby Bum can assist parents and children in their daily routines with games and songs on potty training, eating vegetables and tooth brushing, Learning Time with Timmy can help children learn new words, while StoryCastle offers offers two classic children’s audiobooks read by leading voice actors for families to listen to everyday. 

"Moshi Twilight offers a range of sleep stories and soothing sounds to help kids relax and get to sleep at bedtime."

You can take advantage of these new experiences via Google Assistant on your smartphone, Google Home, Google Home Mini or any other Assistant-enabled smart speaker.