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Sennheiser rocks the Xbox

Sennheiser inks deal with Harmonix and MTV's Rock Band 2
Sennheiser inks deal with Harmonix and MTV's Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2 is out soon, with German audio specialist Sennheiser inking a lucrative deal with MTV Games and Harmonix Music Systems to let gamers sing through their virtual microphones, perform at sponsored virtual events, and use its branded virtual accessories.

EA has still to confirm the release date for the Xbox 360 version of the game, which TechRadar hopes and prays will be out in time for Xmas. As for the PlayStation 3, well, the less said about the apparent delays of that version the better…

Sennheiser's Kristy Jo Winkler is "thrilled to partner with Harmonix Music Systems," though not as thrilled as TechRadar will be when we finally get to play the game, when we can buy up a bunch of virtual Sennheiser kit with our virtual in-game money in the virtual Rock Shop.

Girls Aloud?

The in-game mics on offer are apparently used by the likes of The Foo Fighters, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and (*cough*) Girls Aloud.

EA expects that the Rock Band downloadable music library will feature more than 500 songs by the end of 2008.

Rock Band 2 is out. Soon. We hope!