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Razer Chimaera headsets for Xbox shown off

Chimaera - in all its glory
Chimaera - in all its glory

Razer has officially unveiled the Razer Chimaera Xbox 360 gaming headset, claiming its latest product "kicks Xbox gaming immersion into overdrive".

Razer is a specialist at gaming peripherals, and the rise and rise of console gaming has meant the company increasingly looking to the likes of Xbox gamers as a market for its products.

The Chimaera headset comes in both 5.1 and stereo editions – with both versions wireless and developed with the help of Dolby.


"Putting on this headset may cause serious jaw-dropping aural intensity," said Robert 'RazerGuy' Krakoff, President Razer USA - a man never short of a bit of hyperbole.

"With the Razer Chimaera 5.1, we're giving every gamer the opportunity to experience surround sound in complete wireless freedom.

"We drew from our expertise in PC gaming audio and worked with Dolby to develop a headset that lets you hear everything with absolute clarity to pinpoint enemy locations, prevent backstabs, and just take your gaming enjoyment further.

"I recommend using it with the Razer Onza controller for serious Xbox ownage."

The 5.1 version has a UK release date of April and a price of around £170 and the stereo version costs around £110 and is available in March.