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Nintendo 3DS delays major update until 7 June

Nintendo 3DS - update coming in June
Nintendo 3DS - update coming in June

Nintendo has announced that it has delayed what is to be its first major firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS.

The update should have arrived this month, but now it is set for June and will include an internet browser and access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can browse and purchase downloadable content.

Although the US is to get the 3DS update on 6 June, in the UK we have to wait an extra day for the firmware to arrive.

Don't shop until you've had enough

With the Nintendo 3DS not exactly living up to Ninty's high expectations sales-wise, so it will be hoping that the introduction of an eShop and web browser will get more people interested in the glasses-less 3D handheld.

When the eShop does open, it looks like there will be the chance to snap up some classic DS titles which have been given a 3D makeover.

This will be done through a 'virtual console' feature.

Via Cnet