Keep your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, more N64 games are coming

Nintendo 64 console and controller
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Nintendo isn't calling it quits with the N64 just yet. More retro titles are coming to Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack tier.

Nintendo of America confirmed that the Nintendo Switch is indeed getting more N64 games as part of its premium Expansion Pack tier. Although, the tweet announcing the news kept mum on what those games will be. That of course didn't stop fans from flooding the replies with suggestions and requests.

The tweet comes shortly after the release of Pokémon Puzzle League on Nintendo Switch Online's N64 collection. The underrated 'match 3' puzzler is the first N64 game to come to Switch outside of the initially announced roster. As such, many fans believed that a second wave of sorts was heading to the line-up of N64 games. That seems to be all but confirmed now, thanks to Nintendo of America's tweet.

What N64 games should make the cut?

The N64 isn't wanting for excellent retro games. And there are a ton of fan favorites that could feasibly make their way to Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack service.

I'm immediately thinking of notable current absences like 1080 Snowboarding, Super Smash Bros., and Wave Race 64. Third-party hits like WWF No Mercy and Star Wars Rogue Squadron wouldn't go amiss, either.

And as we saw with the release of Banjo-Kazooie, Microsoft seems willing to co-operate with Nintendo on bringing Rare classics to Nintendo Switch Online. If that's still the case, we'd love to see games like Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, and Jet Force Gemini land on the service.

The N64 was also home to an abundance of cult classics. And with the presence of WinBack on Nintendo Switch Online, we know Nintendo isn't averse to blessing its line-up with games that fall in this category.

In this case, I'd love to see games like Mischief Makers, Space Station Silicon Valley and Mystical Ninja hit the online service. There's plenty for Nintendo to choose from, then. I just hope it's willing to add some surprises along with more popular games as the line-up expands throughout the year.

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