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Nintendo turns DS into e-book contender

Nintendo DS
What the Dickens? It's an e-book as well now

After Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader, the latest entry to the electronic book market is surprising in that it isn't actually new – in fact, it's the Nintendo DS.

Boxing Day will see the release of a £20 DS cartridge called 100 Classic Book Collection, which contains – you guessed it – 100 classic books.

Downloads too

Working with publisher HarperCollins and developer Genius Sonority, Nintendo has developed an interface that allows readers to turn the electronic pages by brushing a finger or the stylus from right to left on the touchscreen while holding the DS vertically like a real book.

The titles in the first release include Treasure Island, A Tale of Two Cities and Pride and Prejudice, while more offerings are due to be made available to download.

Limited tools

However, the tools appear to be limited to simple bookmarking and a story search by category or length. Dedicated e-books typically have many more powerful features, such as the ability to make annotations.

The £100 price of the DS is clearly competitive compared to the £199 Sony Reader, but Nintendo will need to offer more than Shakespeare and Jane Austen if it's to make much of an impact.