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Nintendo 3DS gets free Wi-Fi from The Cloud

Mario's got his head in The Cloud
Mario's got his head in The Cloud

Nintendo has struck a deal with The Cloud to give 3DS owners free access to 5,000 Wi-Fi points across the UK.

Dubbed SpotPass, the service will see your Nintendo 3DS automatically connecting to The Cloud's network so you can browse the internet, get notifications and download games from the Nintendo eShop.

It will even receive updates while it's in sleep mode, thus surprising users with new bits and pieces every time they open the 3DS up.

To the cloud! Again!

The company will be looking for every which way to push the struggling handheld console, having recently announced a major price drop in order to bolster the disappointing sales.

Many are blaming a lack of quality 3DS games for its failures, something that access to Wi-Fi isn't likely to change.

Still, it's a nice added extra for gamers who are out and about, putting the 3DS on more of a level pegging with the burgeoning smartphone gaming market.

Nintendo 3DS owners should see their consoles automatically connecting to The Cloud from today.