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Nintendo rakes in cash from bumper Wii sales

The Wii has been the consumer electronics' success story of the last year

Nintendo is making big bucks on every single Wii console it sells. That's according to games analyst Soichiro Fukuda, who says that while Sony and Microsoft take a loss on every console they sell, Nintendo makes a fortune.

The Nintendo Wii console has enjoyed unprecedented success thus far and recently overtook the Xbox 360 to capture the sought-after title of 'Best selling next-gen games console'. What's more, for every Wii console sold in Europe, $74 (£37) goes straight into Nintendo's bank account.

One million Wiis sold in UK

This means that with over one million Wii consoles sold in the UK, Nintendo has immediately made a profit of nearly $80m (£40m) - and that's before it rakes in more cash from sales of games and licensing.

It spells good news for the Japanese gaming company, and ensures Nintendo will have plenty of cash for building its next console. Could the Wii 2 be just as fun, with HD graphics?

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