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Call of Duty: Elite new online service announced

Call of Duty: Elite - coming in November
Call of Duty: Elite - coming in November

Activision has announced a new addition to its Call of Duty franchise – the subscription service Call of Duty: Elite.

The new service wants to tap into the massive online community that Call of Duty has, offering instant access to DLC and new map packs.

Activision is stressing that everyone will still be able to play multi-player games on CoD, but those who take up a Call of Duty: Elite subscription will tap into mountains of new data – such as your total XP, recent matches data and a heat map of your latest match explaining where all the kills and deaths happened.

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Although there are no details on price, Activision has said that it will cost the same as "any comparable online entertainment service currently in the market."

It also noted that the service will: "provide players with a dynamic strategy guide that tracks their statistics and performances down to the most minute details."

Activision is making the service available on a number of formats including mobile, so you will be able to check your stats on the go.

The Call of Duty: Elite UK release date is 8 November - unsurprisingly, this is the day Modern Warfare 3 is released worldwide.