Shell Energy broadband: what is it and how good are its deals?

Shell Energy broadband
Image credit: Shell Energy

You'll inevitably recognise Shell for its petrol and energy services. But the thing you probably don't recognise it for is internet. And yet, Shell Energy is now fully joining the ranks of the many internet service providers in the UK, offering broadband deals to the UK people - but are its packages any good?

Well you're in the right place to find out. Shell Energy broadband was certainly a surprise to us but it appears to be here to stay, offering a few affordable options for your internet. 

Unlike some of the other names in internet (the BTs and TalkTalks of the market) Shell Energy is new to the broadband game so you will probably have a few questions about it - that's where this guide comes in. We've dug around and found out everything you might want to know about Shell Energy broadband. 

Keep reading to see its prices, speeds, availability and what kind of added features Shell is including. 

What is Shell Energy broadband?

While the name 'Shell Energy broadband' doesn't exactly have the best ring to it, it is something to be excited about, especially if you're currently a Shell Energy customer. Offering discounts in price and special offers to existing customers and affordable pricing to new ones, Shell is here to fit comfortably into the mid-tier pricing of broadband.

Of course, Shell hasn't just tried to crack the internet game from a standing start. If you've ever wistfully wondered what happened to First Utility, that was the company that gave rise to Shell Energy.

If you don't need the blistering speeds of Hyperoptic or Virgin broadband deals but don't want to go quite as cheap as the lesser known Onestream, then Shell could be a great option. With options on fibre, ADSL and additional call plans there is a lot to choose.

How much do Shell Energy broadband deals cost?

Pinning down the exact price of Shell Energy Broadband isn't the easiest of tasks. They, like many other ISPS, cut prices occasionally and offer price reductions to people who already use Shell for its energy purposes, but what we can say is that it's pretty affordable. 

With pricing matching other big names like BT broadband deals or TalkTalk broadband deals, Shell's prices match much of the market. Expect to pay sub-£20 monthly bills for ADSL broadband and around £23-28 a month for fibre, depending on which speed you go for.

You can see a complete list of prices in the chart below:

What kind of internet speed can I get with Shell Energy?

When choosing an internet package from Shell you have three different speed options, starting at the normal ADSL speeds and working up to superfast fibre plus (very fast) - none of which cost an excessive amount.

Shell's starting package is its Fast Broadband, which ironically isn't that fast with average speeds of 10Mb. However, it is a super cheap option for internet and could be the perfect option for a house of one or two people on low internet usage. 

Going up in speed, the next option is the Superfast Fibre broadband package. For a few quid a month extra you can push your speeds up to a average of 38Mb, a speed more attuned to a bigger family or someone who uses quite a lot of streaming services.

Finally, every ISP has to have its stand out impressive option, enter the Superfast Fibre Plus broadband package - the name is a bit of a mouthful. With speeds averaging 76Mb this package should be plenty for the majority of people - gamers and heavy streamers included.

Where is Shell Energy broadband available?

The great news with Shell Energy broadband is that it is a widely available option. With coverage of well over 90% of UK households and prices staying the same no matter where you live.

You can see if Shell internet is available where you live on its website.

Does Shell Energy broadband include line rental?

When you sign up to Shell Energy broadband you will get line rental included at no extra cost. What will cost extra though is if you decide that you want to include a call plan. 

Shell offers two different call plans both costing additional monthly fees on top of your internet cost. You can choose between Evening and weekend calls or Anytime plus plans. 

You can see all of Shell's call plans on its website.

How long will my Shell Energy broadband contract last?

No matter which package you go with from Shell you will be tied in for 18 months, a pretty normal length contract for broadband these days. Shell Energy states on their website that normally the monthly charge won't increase after you've finished your 18 months. 

Many other providers increase the cost after your minimum term so it is worth checking with Shell when you sign up. Otherwise it might be worth starting your search for the best cheap broadband deals all over again.

To sign up to Shell Energy broadband now, head to our price comparison towards the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the Shell Energy website.