Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI review

Ignore the SLI, enjoy the solid specs

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Our Verdict

Good performance and bandwidth - pity it's not the latest Nvidia chipset


  • Good performance


  • Only 1066MHz bus

One of the more attractive abilities that Nvidia's Nforce 680i chipset for Intel CPUs offers is support for the upcoming 1333MHz bus spec. Shame, then, that this Abit board uses Nvidia's cheaper 650i chipset which lacks that feature.

Still, for existing 1066MHz bus Core 2 chips, this remains an impressive performer, delivering excellent results in our PCMark05 and bandwidth tests.

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It also boasts plenty of space around the CPU socket thanks to the use solid state capacitors and achieved a solid if not spectacular 460MHz CPU bus overclock.

For the record, it's also one of only two boards that support Nvidia's SLI dual-GPU technology, though we're increasingly sceptical about the numbers of actual SLI users out there.