Onkyo DV-SP406 review

Will this buff up your DVD collection?

Onkyo DV-SP406
The DV-SP406 is a high quality DVD player for those on a budget

Our Verdict

Although it's not the best DVD player ever built, the Onkyo offers great value for money and some pretty good pictures as well


  • Good upscaling
  • Natural colour reproduction


  • Flimsy build
  • Tiny display

Although Blu-ray grabs all the headlines these days, people still buy DVDs – and they still buy DVD players. But with brands like Philips, Toshiba and Samsung selling upscaling decks for as little as £40, what's so special about Onkyo's DV-SP406 that it retails for £100?

In short: performance. The DV-SP406 delivers glitch-free upscaled images with clarity and sharpness, and takes fast-moving scenes in its stride. Colour reproduction seems natural too. Compare this with a budget deck from five years ago and you'll be flabbergasted.

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Upscaling via HDMI brings definite noticeable benefits, particularly in terms of picture sharpness with resolutions from 576i to 1080p are provided, though it can takes a while to cycle through them.

The front-mounted USB port provides MP3, WMA, DiVX and JPEG support and it's simply a question of jacking in, and navigating around the simple-to-use GUI.

The Onkyo's build quality – particularly the bouncy disc-tray – can perhaps be expected because of its 'budget' price, but that doesn't excuse the bland styling and almost miniscule display.

Toshiba's XDE-powered DVD player is not much more expensive and outdoes the Onkyo in pure picture performance terms.