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There's no cheaper smartphone with 128GB storage out there

(Image credit: Future)

Rugged smartphones tend to be absurdly expensive because manufacturers tend to use more expensive material and shipping volumes are usually far smaller. But there's an exception.

When we reviewed the Elephone Soldier earlier this year, we gave it a very solid 4.5/5, marking it out as one of the best rugged phones around today.

That was back when it had a price tag of $189.99 (about £148/AU$276), but now online retailer Gearbest has marked the device as 63% off, meaning it can now be yours for just $99.99 (about £77/AU$145).

Aside from just a low price, this means that the Elephone Solider is now the cheapest smartphone with 128GB of storage on board.


Asides from its storage, you're also getting a 10-core CPU and a display capable of displaying more pixels than most laptops. Along with this, you're getting an IP68 certificate and an analog, physical compass just in case you get lost in the woods, without a working phone.

To further cement its credentials as Bear Grylls’ unofficial smartphone, it also has a dedicated flashlight, a hook-up design and an SOS button. There’s no Swiss army knife sadly, however we're still yet to discover the purpose of the mysterious Pogo connectors at the back.

There are negatives though; it doesn’t do NFC, it uses Android 8.0 and it carries a MicroUSB port, and no Type-C connectors here sadly.

But if you can’t wait till Black Friday 2019, then this is probably the best value rugged smartphone you can get on the market today.

Desire Athow

Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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