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Toshiba forgets HD DVD, joins Blu-ray brigade

Toshiba appears set to release its first BD deck

Eighteen months after abandoning the HD DVD format, Toshiba has finally ceded to the inevitable and joined the Blu-ray camp.

According to the Daily Yomiuri newspaper, Toshiba will release a BD player later this year somewhere in the world, also planning a BD recorder for its home market of Japan.

Nothing official

The move comes after it rejected the notion of getting into online media distribution and developing a new generation of television technology. Instead, it saw the rapid growth of Blu-ray in Japan as leaving it with little choice.

Beyond those bare points, there's nothing in way of detail and, of course, no confirmation at all from the company itself.

After all, when it spent all that time and money insisting HD DVD was the better format, it's gotta be painful admitting it was all a hideous waste of effort.