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ZTE Grand S spawns a couple of mutant siblings

ZTE Grand S spawns a couple of mutant siblings
Why have one 5-inch smartphone when you can have three?

After unveiling the ZTE Grand S at CES 2013, two more 5-inch handsets from the Chinese firm have appeared online.

Going by the names ZTE U956 and ZTE V987 the phones both sport 5-inch 720p displays – a step down from the full HD offering on the Grand S.

The ZTE V987 has most in common with its 1080p brother sporting the same design, albeit in a slightly chunkier chassis.

The V987 has appeared on the Chinese regulatory database (China's equivalent of the FCC), and apparently packs a less powerful 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 8MP camera, while the battery has been given a boost from 1,780mAh to 2,500mAh.


Credit: Tenna

Two's a company

Meanwhile over in the ZTE U956 camp, the design is very different with the handset sporting ZTE's older looks along with the same 720p 5-inch screen and 8MP camera found in the V987.

Photos and details of the U956 cropped up on GizChina from an unknown source who also claimed the handset would pack a quad-core processor.

ZTE U956

Credit: GizChina

If both handsets make it to market they'll be carrying price tags which are significantly lower than the flagship ZTE Grand S with lower resolution displays, slower processors and less impressive cameras on board.

There's currently no release date info for either device, but rumours suggest the ZTE U956 will retail for a resonable $240 (about £150/AU$230).

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