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Toshiba working on Android successor to TG01?

The GCF specs on Tosh's 'new phone'
The GCF specs on Tosh's 'new phone'

Toshiba might be working on its next generation of mobile phone after specs of an unknown model were leaked.

Although firmly planted in the 'rumour' category of mobile phone news, specs from the GCF, according to The Unwired, show approvals for both the TG01 and a 'To Be Advised' handset as well.

Both phones carry the same specifications, i.e. 3.5G, MMS and web browsing (shocking) and both were apparently submitted at the same time, so it's hard to know how much to read into this finding, as it could just be the same handset in a different category.

No Android

We contacted Toshiba for comment on whether this phone is coming or whether it plans to release an Android phone in the near future, but we were told the company is solely focused on the TG01 at the moment.

Many were surprised that the Tosh hasn't announced plans for an Android phone as yet, given that it joined the Open Handset Alliance in early December 2008, and many expected the TG01 to be running the interface.

But whether the new phone, if it is real at all, will run Android will be a real waiting job, as Toshiba is staying tight-lipped on its future plans.

Via The Unwired