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RIM to launch own social network, MyBlackBerry

RIM launches new MyBlackBerry social networking site
RIM launches new MyBlackBerry social networking site

RIM has launched a new social networking site for its BlackBerry fans where users can go and have a chat about all things BB (BlackBerry, not Big Brother).

The new site allows users to exchange messages about key BB issues, such as preventing screen scratches and bugs in handsets.

Apparently, RIM will be listening to the community, so if you need to get something off your emailing chest, this could be the forum for you.

Users can also collaboratively look at certain new applications, such as the new Guitar hero for their BB handset, as well as find out some Top Tips and Tricks.

Life in review

It seems a little bit like the message boards of the early 2000s to us, but RIM is calling it a social network, where you can rate and discuss all the important things about your BB.

Even if you don't have one, you can still sign up to the service (though you'd have to be pretty strange to do so, as the site co-ordinates itself to your actual handset).

You currently need and invitation code to sign up, but the good news is it's live from today, so head on over and check it out yourself.

Via TechCrunch